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Early Summer

Month 13

Summer has finally come around again. Temperatures are expected to range from a high of 80°F (26°C) to a low of 65°F (18°C) making this summer warmer than normal. On some days you can expect a light cool breeze and evening are quickly warming up.


Caldera Weyr


Adrienne of Gold Galateath


M'kael of Bronze Zharath

Cibola Weyr



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14 of Galateath's 16 eggs hatch healthy and find partners. Congratulations.

This summer is warming up to be a hot one; as temperature are already warmer than normal.

Delanth has lain a clutch of 8 eggs; how many will hatch and will they be healthy.

Congratulations to the newest searched candidates.

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Dark Moon Weyr (semi-canon DRoP)

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Dark Moon Weyr (semi-canon DRoP) Empty Dark Moon Weyr (semi-canon DRoP)

Post by DMadmin on Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:07 pm

Dark Moon Weyr (semi-canon DRoP) L_8ec5f417da883b0506c2650497295f66
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Facing the threat of dying out, renegades, egg theft, abandonment, and betrayal, this little Weyr in the Southern Continent is no stranger to adversity. The riders that have remained are hardy and close, more like a family than a Weyr. The young Queen and her rider, and the even younger Junior Weyrwoman barely out of Weyrlinghood lead a weyr that is becoming well known for strange colors emerging from the Senior Queen's clutch.

Dark Moon Weyr is set in an alternative reality where AVIAS has not been discovered and Thread has not fallen in well over 400 Turns. The people of Pern believe that it is gone for good and many view the dragonriders as nuisances. However, the Red Star is looming ever closer, the Queens' clutches are getting larger and the dragons sense danger. The riders are frantically trying to train with techniques found in records and much information has been lost.

Come to see Dark Moon weyr, and join its close-knit family of riders. With the newly hatched clutch transferred from Ista on the sands, Dark Moon has much to do. The third Hatching happened during a Hurricane and the weyr must help to rebuild the part of the Southern continent that was ravaged by the storm and repair the damage that has been done to their Weyr. There is Thread to prepare for and supplies to replenish. It is certainly an interesting time to be a dragonrider.

A new Hold has opened in the forum and we are accepting applications for Holders, Craftsmen, and other positions. We are also accepting applications for riders, Candidates and Weyrfolk for the Weyr. We are also accepting applications for Wher Handlers and Candidates for the Wher Hold attached to Caspian Hold.

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