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We're sorry, but the person you're trying to contact may be [loud unintelligible noises]

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We're sorry, but the person you're trying to contact may be [loud unintelligible noises]

Post by Asdra on Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:33 pm

Well, here's the gist of this, in case you hadn't gathered from the title:

I'm now done with 2 weeks of classes. I already have had one assignment that I turned in, and now I have another from that class, my first assignment from another class and several hours of nonstop studying for my third class. To be a bit more specific, here's my current "to-do" list with only school stuff:

- Intro to Computing & Problem Solving: Assignment 2 (create algorithms, implement in Microsoft Excel, create algorithm for "line art" and implement in Scratch)
- Programming in Java: Music Manager application part 1 (create classes for storing song & artist information, class for a text-based user interface)
- Calculus 2: Study sections 7.2, 7.4, 7.5 & 7.6 (the first two only because I know I need to, the last to because those are new stuff and I want to get it down pat as best as I can)

What I've come to, in terms of approximate amounts of time needed for each class's work in the above order, is about 2-3 hours, about 7-8 hours and (literally) as much time as I can possibly spare to the cause.

Yes. Calc 2 is a zombie, and it wants my brain.

No, that is not the only ridiculous analogy I've come up with so far concerning my current status in Calc 2.


My general point is that, because of my workload quickly becoming what it is, there's a fairly decent chance that I just might randomly disappear every now and then...for no generically specified amount of time. I'll try to be on as much as I can, but with the work that's coming in this early in the semester, I just might end up having to forgo getting on here every so often, even if that does mean I won't be able to chat or RP with you guys. Hopefully if I ever do just randomly vanish it'll only be for a day or so, and hopefully the random vanishings won't happen very often, if at all. But I think they will, and I will try to give fair warning before I have to give up fun for days at a time, but I might not always be able to. So this is just a general warning about all of that.

If I ever do get a chance to say definitively "I won't be on for the next ____ period of time because of _______________", I'll post that in here, along with my return from the workhouse. In the meantime, I've got stuff to do both here and for school, so I'm gonna leave this post as is.

Peace out.

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Re: We're sorry, but the person you're trying to contact may be [loud unintelligible noises]

Post by Asdra on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:32 pm

Well everyone, I'm not going to be leaving or anything, but I'm just pointing out that people haven't really seen me online as much as before. How do I know this, you ask? Well, quite frankly, because I seem to always get onto Chronicles when nobody else is online. How I manage this, I haven't a clue, but there it is. Even now, as I write this, the chat box says "1 person here", and unless I'm having an out-of-body experience inside the internet (doubtful, as I've never had any kind of out-of-body experience), that one person is me.

I will still be here, looking for posts I will need to catch up on and all that, and hopefully I'll start bumping into people on here again. School may have me busy, but it doesn't have me so busy I can't at least pop on for a little bit every day.

Cheers, everyone!

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Re: We're sorry, but the person you're trying to contact may be [loud unintelligible noises]

Post by Asdra on Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:48 am

Something I've forgotten to add, so that anyone who wants to contact me can still get ahold of me at least some of the time:

AIM: Zandermod42
MSN: Lord_Asdra@hotmail.com

Please let me know what your AIM or MSN is here if you do decide to start IMing me, so that I know not to block you (I've gotten completely random people trying to message me several times in the past and as a general rule just block anyone I don't know). I still check these forums and all that, so please let me know in this thread what your IM names are so I know who not to block.


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Re: We're sorry, but the person you're trying to contact may be [loud unintelligible noises]

Post by Rye on Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:23 am

hey hey Asdra.

My msn is Hornethurler13@live.com. :] Don't block me! haha.


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Re: We're sorry, but the person you're trying to contact may be [loud unintelligible noises]

Post by Asdra on Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:51 am

Alright, this is going up for a few completely random reasons, among them the all-but-overused "I need a break", "I wanna keep posting SOMEhow" and "It seemed like a good idea at the time".

Classes are going...alright, overall, but I'm going to explain the goings on in one class in particular: Programming in Java. Now, I've taken this class before, technically, back when I was in high school. I took AP Computer Science in my junior year, as well as AP Computer Science 2 in my senior year as an independent study (essentially it's an intro to a class known as Data Structures). However, the teacher that I had both years for AP Comp Sci was...less than adequate, to put it nicely. Here's an example: At the beginning of AP Comp Sci in my senior year, I managed to catch bits and pieces of his explanation of addition operands, which are basically a programming language's way of adding stuff together. Like in math. You'd think it'd only take him maybe 5 minutes tops to explain this for any language at all, let alone Java, but no - it took him half the class - that's 20-25 minutes - to explain how they work. The "best" part, however, was when he finished the lecture on them with, and I quote:

"...but you'll never need to know how to use these ever again, I don't know how to use them myself, they're not going to be on the AP test."

That right there showed just how competent of a Java teacher he was.

However, moving to the present, after I got a 1 on the AP Comp Sci AP test two years in a row and learned how to do 2/3 of all basic Java stuff wrong, if at all, I'm in Programming in Java at a local community college, with a guy who actually knows Java and has worked with it for years; suffice it to say, while the lectures are still hard to follow (the guy jumps all over the place, topic-wise), at least I'm learning new things, and how to do other things I had already "learned" but do them properly.

And now, what I'm really trying to explain here: the assignment I'm working on right now.

When we received our first assignment for this class, we were told that, in order to gain experience in programming something we might be asked to write out in the working world, all of our assignments would build off of one another and by the end of the semester we will have made a simple music manager application (think iTunes, but simpler, i.e., no online store or other fun features like that). Assignment 1 is already done, but I'll describe it anyway to show where our current assignment, assignment 2, comes from:

We, the students, were assigned three classes (Java program files) to write on our own: Song, Artist and a text-based user interface (UI). Our professor provided two other classes for us to use: Driver (we basically HAD to use this one) and SInput (built to read input from a user; I didn't use this class myself). The class Artist had to hold information about the artist of a song (their name, the genre of music they produce and what year they "made it big"), the class Song had to hold information about a song itself (the song's title, the year the song came out and the artist of the song - this last bit had to use the Artist class) and our text UI simply had to essentially play the role of middleman between you (the user) and the rest of the application (where all the calculations and functions and processing of data takes place).

Of course, certain things had to be done a certain way that I (and apparently a lot of the rest of the class) didn't do (another very long story there - if you get ahold of me on one of my aforementioned IM clients, I can explain it all there if you'd like).

Now, at long last, to Assignment 2. First, the description directly pulled from our in-class handout and where the same info is posted online:

CSci 1203
Assignment #2
Building off what you handed in for assignment #1, develop the following functionality:
1) Make a class to represent Movies with fields for actors, director, release date, genre, plot summary etc. Include getters, setters, and constructors appropriately.
2) Make an abstract class called MediaItem (or something better) from which Song and Movie inherit.
3) Update UI to handle both movies and music. I.E. list all movies, movies by
genre, actors in a movie, movies by actor, etc.
4) Update UI to input new Songs, movies, artists.
Hint: for a new Artist prompt for name, genre, year they hit it big.
5) Develop JUint tests for all non-UI
6) Develop JavaDoc for all classes

The release date (i.e. due date) for this functionality is October 1 at 12:01 am.

· You are strongly encouraged to work in pairs for this assignment.
· The due date is firm on this assignment, however some functionality may be moved to the next release.

And now, in laymen's terms (because I know that probably sounds worse than it really is):

1) Make a class to represent movies that can store data including the movie's title, director, date of release, genre, the actors/actresses, a plot summary and anything else we (the students) can think of. Include getters, setters and constructors appropriately.
2) Make a general class called MediaItem (or something better) that can be used for both Song or Movie.
3) Update the UI so that a user can work with movies.
4) Update the UI so that a user can add new songs, movies and artists.
5) Develop JUnit tests for all classes except the UI.
6) Use Javadoc to create documentation for all of your classes.

Due: October 1, 12:01 a.m.

To explain a few things:
- Getters and setters were an idea someone came up with for Java (and every other programming language that's Object Oriented, like Java) to help uphold the key principle behind Object Oriented programming, known as encapsulation (in short, every class keeps all of its info private from everything else). With getters and setters, encapsulation still technically works, but data from one class can then be accessed by any other classes that need it. Personally, I think that getters and setters are ridiculous, but much like most of the rest of this post, my reasons why would take forever and a day to explain here.
- In Java, a constructor is basically the big line of code that allows a class to work as it should.
- An abstract class is a very general template from which other classes can be made.
- JUnit is...something...someone came up with to test Java files to make sure they do what they're supposed to do. I think it's evil.
- Javadoc is something someone somewhere came up with to write up documentation for a Java file (documentation in coding is always a big thing, since if nobody else knows how your program works then nobody else is going to use your program) and write up all the documentation very quickly and easily.

If anyone got lost anywhere in these explanations, don't hesitate to either ask me to explain better via one of my IM clients (listed in a previous post) or to just stop thinking (probably the easier of the two options(Honesty is a wonderful thing, innit? Razz)).

So, not counting the oodles of time that I have been/should be pouring into studying calc 2, this is what's taking up the vast majority of my free time (or rather, what's left of it after the time I spend in classes and the commute to and from school each day). I was actually working on it before I wrote this, in all honesty - I think one of the reasons I took a break was because I was looking at all the stuff and instead of trying to finish the assignment I was coming up with ideas of how to make it all work better, or trying to decide how to get one particular bit working, or even zoning out and thinking about a couple of great ideas I've had that I'm trying to write up/work out.

So...yeah. That's what I'm working on right now. I'll also be studying calc 2 later tonight, but in the meantime, I'm gonna keep writing code.

The sad, sad realization I had about all this was that, even though it's not due until a week from this Thursday, I'm only about 30%-40% sure I'll actually get everything done on this assignment to the standards my professor laid out for us. And then there are all the things I keep thinking about (e.g., "Oh, I could fix THAT up THAT way!" or "Well, maybe I could just make life easier for myself if I just added this extra bit that he didn't say we needed to do..."). Yeah.

And now, my completely random update for kicks and to take a break from homework is complete. If you're wondering what any of that jargon means and I didn't explain it well enough here (or you just feel like chatting with me since I never seem to be online with anyone else simultaneously these days), feel free to message me at one of my aforementioned IM clients (as I think I've said at least 3-4 times in this post).

Cheers, everyone!

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Re: We're sorry, but the person you're trying to contact may be [loud unintelligible noises]

Post by Asdra on Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:00 am


I didn't think it'd actually come to this, but here it is: I'm gonna be gone for a while. I don't know how long, but classwork is suddenly enough of a hefty load that I just can't balance everything. So...yeah. I'll be back when I can, everyone...to anyone I'm in a thread with: if I was the last one to make a post, feel free to respond...if not, then I'll get back to it as soon as I possibly can. I just have to dedicate much more time to school (*coughcalc2cough*) than I thought...and the amount of time I need for school apparently is always just a bit more than I thought I needed to put into it.

So I'll put another notification here when I get back. In the meantime, pretty much everything that isn't school or work gets a cut in how much time I put to it, with a few of those things going to zero. I'll return as soon as I can; if you catch me at a good time, I will still have my IM clients running, so you may or may not catch me on those.

Keep on keepin' on, everyone.

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Re: We're sorry, but the person you're trying to contact may be [loud unintelligible noises]

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