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Early Summer

Month 13

Summer has finally come around again. Temperatures are expected to range from a high of 80°F (26°C) to a low of 65°F (18°C) making this summer warmer than normal. On some days you can expect a light cool breeze and evening are quickly warming up.


Caldera Weyr


Adrienne of Gold Galateath


M'kael of Bronze Zharath

Cibola Weyr



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Current Events

14 of Galateath's 16 eggs hatch healthy and find partners. Congratulations.

This summer is warming up to be a hot one; as temperature are already warmer than normal.

Delanth has lain a clutch of 8 eggs; how many will hatch and will they be healthy.

Congratulations to the newest searched candidates.

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Irichan Weyr - {Steampunk Pern}

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Post by Advertiser on Thu Sep 10, 2009 10:04 pm

Cookie says:
Irichan Weyr  -  {Steampunk Pern} 28im4pj

Time deteriorates memories, records, and sometimes sense. Steam became Pern's new engine. It wasn't long before someone made a steam-powered airship that could clear the sky of Thread without the aid of dragons. Factories popped up, dragons declined, and eventually Holds stopped tithing. The dragonriders feared that their power might decline.

Fortunately, the crafters had a similar fear. Their work was being replaced by machines. Together, the upper-rank Crafters and Dragonriders devised a crazy concept that would become law 730 years later.

The Church of Dracol became Pern's social system. On the very top were the Queen riders. The second tier went to the High Priests, talented Crafters and firm believers in the Faith, and the Bronze Riders. The third tier belonged to the other priests and the riders of the mysterious yellow dragons. Then were the brownriders and the Lord Holders, both of which could be excommunicated if found associating with other causes. On the very bottom were the Blue and Green riders, beneath even the drudges in the new religious system of Pern.

The rigid nature was more inflexible than the caste system, and has become a way of life for everyone on Pern. But not all accept it...

Irichan Weyr  -  {Steampunk Pern} 2us7vxx

There were two Weyrs left by the --Benden and Telgar. Telgar had but one Gold, while Benden had three. One such Gold rider, Brissena of Airunth, had gotten it into her head that she was some form of God. She asked for command on the grounds of her belief, but Lania of Gold Oberith only laughed. Annoyed, Brissena used the tributes from her hatchings and gifts from devout believers to fund a new Weyr.

She founded it in the Southern Barrier Range near the large city of Rabastre. It was built as a tribute to the Gold herself, a permanent monument to the Church of Dracol. Thus, Irichan Weyr was founded.

Only eight sevendays ago, Airunth went between with a dying Brissena on her back. Since then, the just-past-weyrling Junior weyrwoman Merope has taken over. Her Gold Bressith hadn't even experienced her maiden flight, and tensions began to appear.

Now, Gold Bressith grows egg-heavy. All eyes are on the young Weyrwoman, and not all are friendly.

Irichan Weyr  -  {Steampunk Pern} 14tvdlh

Come join us at Irichan Weyr. We're a very new Pern RPG in which Aivas was never discovered. As a result of this, there have been no Long Intervals. It's set 3598 years after Landing in the forty-second Turn of the Sixteenth Pass. It features not only the opportunity to play in an interesting steampunk society but the chance to play as an airship pirate, a Steam Technician, a priest, or perhaps a member of a cult that isn't supposed to exist.

We boast only two mutations. Only one is a "true" mutation, and that would be the flightless yellow. The other mutation is albinism, which causes loss of color in any dragon. Previous Weyr affiliation means nothing to Irichan, and this is a great place to bounce back after a rough time at another place.

We have a dire need for Candidates, as our Senior Gold will be laying a clutch soon. Lots of role play will happen in the leading-up to the Hatching, and that means more custom dragonets. Who knows, there might be a gold in the clutch.

Irichan Weyr  -  {Steampunk Pern} 6iw9ko
    Currently Accepting:
  • 3 Bronze Dragons - Once these Bronze dragons are gone, no more will be accepted!
  • 6 Brown Dragons - Once these Brown dragons are gone, no more will be accepted!
  • Two albinos of any color, except yellow
  • Candidates of either gender; male ones will be loved, though a good selection of female candidates will also be appreciated
  • Whers of any color, including Gold
  • A Weyrling Master
    Unique to Irichan:
  • The Church of Dracol - The rigid social-structure of the Steam-powered Pern.
  • Yellows - Also found on Firestone RPG, these flightless yellows might seem useless, but there are a lot of unsung perks to being a yellowrider that are special to Irichan.
  • Airship Pirates - Need I explain more?
  • The Cult of Disfavor - Most say it's just a myth made up to scare children, but others say the Cult exists, and it intends on the destruction of the Golds and Bronzes.
  • Automatic Fire Lizard - By joining Irichan, you get one fire-lizard of any color but Gold or Yellow. There is no prerequisite besides joining.
    Upcoming Events:
  • First Hatching at Irichan - The Clutching will happen as soon as all the details are worked out and we get more candidates. There will be a lot of role play going on up to the Hatching itself. It might even contain a queen egg.
  • Wher Hatching - For those left Standing at the first Dragon Hatching, there will be a chance to get your hands on some whers.

    Other plots will come up as we get more members, including something involving the Cult or perhaps airship pirates.
Irichan Weyr  -  {Steampunk Pern} Rh371i

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