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11 AL (After Landing)

Early Summer

Month 13

Summer has finally come around again. Temperatures are expected to range from a high of 80°F (26°C) to a low of 65°F (18°C) making this summer warmer than normal. On some days you can expect a light cool breeze and evening are quickly warming up.


Caldera Weyr


Adrienne of Gold Galateath


M'kael of Bronze Zharath

Cibola Weyr



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Current Events

14 of Galateath's 16 eggs hatch healthy and find partners. Congratulations.

This summer is warming up to be a hot one; as temperature are already warmer than normal.

Delanth has lain a clutch of 8 eggs; how many will hatch and will they be healthy.

Congratulations to the newest searched candidates.

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Resident Birthdays

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Resident Birthdays Empty Resident Birthdays

Post by Iskiea on Sun Jul 12, 2009 8:37 pm

Well so none of us forget here is a list of the birthdays of the Residents of the Caldera and it's surrounds. If your character is missing just post a reply with their name and birth month and one of us will be sure to add them.


Early Summer

Mikhael O'Neil
Callaghan Huntington
Kitaya Salvarsan

Mid Summer

Adrienne Denae Zeryth
Aria Louisa Montgomery
Zander Grace
Landon Kim

Late Summer

Malcolm Young
Ravana Siyavash
Sonja Sheen



Early Autumn

John Williams
Selena Odessa

Mid Autumn

Alexander Freeman
Elizabeth Gallentree
Tabitha Wosley
Tylar Montgomery
Jonas Gilligan

Late Autumn

Deran Wallace
Morgen Remington
Otania Slith



Early Winter

Sashike Kiryu
Sera Lewis
Thatcher Calovat
Alika Kai

Mid Winter

Avalon Remington [nee. Knight]
Arturius Knight
Kira Kavanagh
Lilith Amherst

Late Winter

Sobi Adrianna Lemos
Soldier Strongarm
Victor Dominitri Hezpova



Early Spring

Dawn Deliway
Nøkk Haruichi Grimm
Reivyn Istella Corragin
Rowan Trelawney

Mid Spring

Jason Cartwright
Lesla Kincade
Roman Kincade

Late Spring

Ashern Korran
Ayana Kalren
Sean Williams
Trent Malone
Adam Lowinski

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