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1st Pass

11 AL (After Landing)

Early Summer

Month 13

Summer has finally come around again. Temperatures are expected to range from a high of 80°F (26°C) to a low of 65°F (18°C) making this summer warmer than normal. On some days you can expect a light cool breeze and evening are quickly warming up.


Caldera Weyr


Adrienne of Gold Galateath


M'kael of Bronze Zharath

Cibola Weyr



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Current Events

14 of Galateath's 16 eggs hatch healthy and find partners. Congratulations.

This summer is warming up to be a hot one; as temperature are already warmer than normal.

Delanth has lain a clutch of 8 eggs; how many will hatch and will they be healthy.

Congratulations to the newest searched candidates.

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Alrighty Now...

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Alrighty Now... Empty Alrighty Now...

Post by Iskiea on Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:48 pm

Well.... where to start.....

1. I'm in limbo of moving house soon.. in about a week and a half actually which means that I'm going to be more scarce than ever.. if that is even possible.

2. Whilst I am gone Syleni, Ridayah and Hesper are in charge.. if they aren't able to answer any questions you have right away well... you'll have to wait till I get back to them on it.. Also if they say it cannot be done.. it cannot be done..

3. Rye you can do that special post we have been talking about ^.^ you know which one..

4. Mid Summer... Mikhael has taught everyone to fly with straps.. and you will only fly with straps.. and if I find out you flew without straps there will be hell to pay.

5. No BETWEENING... NONE... not under any circumstance.. It is absolutely forbidden until I say it isn't.. If you do Between your dragon, that will result in automatic loss of both dragon and rider, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

6. if new members come.. tell them this is an active place and make efforts to keep it that way.. yes I know life gets in the way and I'm not forcing you to post.. but just because I or Houka disappear for a little while doesn't mean everyone else should do the same.. sorry if I sound harsh.. just if we want this place to live and be active we need members...and members don't tend to generally join inactive places..

7. YES I will return.. I'm not leaving this place to die.. not ever.. but unfortunately life has made some unexpected turns and as such I'm dealing with juggling many things.. Like how I am going to pay my next phone bill, finding myself a job, moving houses and states..

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Alrighty Now... Empty Re: Alrighty Now...

Post by Ridayah on Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:51 pm

We'll figure out something! Maybe we can plot a little gather or party or sale or something with characters. Smile

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