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11 AL (After Landing)

Early Summer

Month 13

Summer has finally come around again. Temperatures are expected to range from a high of 80°F (26°C) to a low of 65°F (18°C) making this summer warmer than normal. On some days you can expect a light cool breeze and evening are quickly warming up.


Caldera Weyr


Adrienne of Gold Galateath


M'kael of Bronze Zharath

Cibola Weyr



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Current Events

14 of Galateath's 16 eggs hatch healthy and find partners. Congratulations.

This summer is warming up to be a hot one; as temperature are already warmer than normal.

Delanth has lain a clutch of 8 eggs; how many will hatch and will they be healthy.

Congratulations to the newest searched candidates.

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After Skyfire

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After Skyfire Site_logo

Passionate • Political • Brutal

Some time after the ninth pass, a celestial event called the Skyfire changed Pern forever. In the aftermath of the Skyfire, tens of thousands of people and thousands of dragons died in a land wracked by earthquake, volcanism, fire, and atmospheric pollution. Those that survived lived lives of battle and struggle for minimal resources and for survival. Most of history was lost, and Pern was 'born again,' a new world.

More than six hundred years after the Skyfire, Pern is a smaller place. Its social center is the capital, Telgar, a vast city and the seat of the regent who acts as Lord of Pern. To him pay fealty the lords of all the houses, the harper and scholar masters, and the Weyrleader of Pern's only known weyr. Harpers serve as politicians and lawyers while an elite craft called the scholars studies what remains of the ancient world and leverages belief into power within the modern one. Dragons still fly and thread occasionally falls, but in this world little is truly as it seems. Rumbling in the belly of society, secret societies like the Faith and revolutionary movements like the Resistance grow in number and in power.

After Skyfire is a Dragonriders of Pern roleplaying game designed with the goal of cooperatively creating an epic tale of drama and conflict. Incorporating elements of medieval social, political, and philosophical structure, After Skyfire offers a wide variety of character types in a uniquely challenging setting.

Coming Soon
The people of Pern will soon be celebrating the wedding of Regent Sanwain to the Lady Adelina of Trident Hold. Will it be possible to pull off such a huge and happy day in the capital without any trouble? The celebration starts the weekend of January 22, so prepare your character profiles today and be ready to join the fun - and the plotting!

Characters Wanted!
After Skyfire is seeking scholars, harpers, blood, and dragonriders. Special opportunities exist for characters involved in secret societies and political movements such as the Faith and the Resistance. Come have a look at our Limited Availability Characters for even more exciting ideas!

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